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‘Alibag’ needs no introduction as a weekend getaway… Its proximity to South Mumbai has only accelerated its rise to the top as a ‘hot destination’, making it to Mumbai, what the Hamptons are to New York.

It was close to two or three decades ago that an elite and adventurous few set up weekend homes on the island, to enjoy the solitude and closeness to nature it offered. However, the last decade has seen close to 100’s of homes being commissioned by the wealthy, albeit with great patience and difficulty.

A booming economy, the trend of owning a speed boat or yacht, proximity to the city, improving infrastructure, beautiful uninterrupted views and the tranquility of Alibag, have all triggered the tidal ‘lifestyle’ wave that drew and is continuously drawing high profile people to build trophy homes along the beaches, hills and flat lands. Mumbai has also witnessed a small number of renowned architects, musicians and nature lovers move their homes and work to this more conducive, and serene environment.

The media glare was the only thing left to follow which it did, propelling Alibag to stand head and shoulders above other weekend spots in this part of the country.