Traditionally as a firm, brokering was not a service we offered, or looked into. However over the last few years due to our knowledge base, and the trustworthiness we have built with all of our customers and their friends, we have been requested on several occasions to help broker various deals, which led to us professionalizing the process, and adding it to our roster of facilities.

Development / turn key projects

We make it a point to involve our clients in the entire home building procedure, right from the word go. Taking into consideration their thoughts and ideas, from choosing the land parcel, to the design of the house, and any other decisions that may need to be taken. Here we operate almost as a PMC (Project Management Company)

Re development

A service we have recently started offering, where we come on board to help in the redevelopment of existing projects. Taking on properties that are run down or not in mint condition, and giving them a makeover, is the focus.

Ready homes

Here we offer customers the chance to buy a home that has been designed, built and finished to a level where it is completely ready to move in to. No amount of time, effort, or expenses are spared in creating what we feel are quality, unique properties. These homes are sold on tickets prices and are limited in availability, as no more than one is built every year.


• Superior construction with external paint finish and some accent elevation treatments, including bathroom courtyards and feature walls
• Fully finished minimal bathrooms with stone flooring, and granite counter
• Sunken bathtubs in select bathrooms
• Wooden doors and windows
• General lighting, wiring, and fixtures
• AC copper wiring, as well as units
• Telephone and Cable TV wiring
• Kitchen counters in granite with sinks
• Marble island counters in kitchens
• Covered verandahs (included in the built up area) and open decks and patios
• Landscaping, including internal pathways and water body features
• Underground septic tanks and external plumbing
• Drip water irrigation system for lawns and plants
• Correcting land slopes for storm water drainage.
• Generator room
• Voltage stabilizer, generator to provide totally 25KV power
• Pool filtration room.
• Underground water tank with pump
• Staff Quarters with toilets
• Compound chain-link / barbed wire fencing
• Bore well with suitable pump
• Electricity subject to meter and capacity availability
• Swimming pool with deck
• Gazebo/Pool Pavilion
• Water Fountains in all bathroom courtyards
• Provision for home theatre with PVC conduiting and cabling
• Fans
• Geysers and boilers
• Imported bathroom sinks
• Provisions for all AC unit storage outside the houses
• Bedrooms fitted with pillows, mattress, bed covers and quilts.
• Outdoor, floor, and pool lighting
• Roman blinds in the rooms and chatais in verandas /outdoor areas
• Wardrobes in all rooms
• Chairs and coffee table in bedrooms
• Sofas, arm chairs, center table, side tables, dining table and bar counter in living dining area
• Outdoor deck chairs, daybeds and furniture.
• Accessories, vases, paintings etc. in rooms and living room
• Entrance gate and car parking
• Internal roads